Information for the pilgrims who arrive 
to the Shrine of the Divine mercy in Płock

The Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Płock is open for both groups and individual pilgrims. The sisters from the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy give tours of the Shrine. The lectures are given in the following languages: Polish and English. For other languages an interpreter is needed. Pilgrims in need of accommodation have the option of stopping at Sister Faustina's House after contacting its administrator.

Organized groups that arrive with their own priest may participate in the Holy Mass after arranging the date with the sisters in advance. The groups of foreign languages are asked to bring their own liturgical books with them. In case of the arrival cancellation, delay or any other changes related to the group's visit in the Shrine, you are asked to contact us urgently. In order to report a group of pilgrims, you ought to complete the following form. The beginning of the form

In order to register the pilgrims group or to receive more information,
call the number​ +48 500 774 037 or send message.