Let us meet at the side of our Mother

On the liturgical feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in our Sanctuary, people willing will be able to make a personal Act of Entrustment to the Mother of God (forms are available at the Sanctuary). 

Sisters from the Congregation of Our Lady of Mercy from Płock will go on September 8 to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Pregnancy in Skępe. There will then be an opportunity for the faithful to learn about the charism and activities of the Congregation and to purchase publications related to the cult of Divine Mercy and St. S. Faustina. All income from the sale will be allocated to the expansion of the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Płock.

On this day, we want to learn from St. S. Faustina, who, revealing her relationship to the Heavenly Mother, confessed in her "Diary": Mary is my Instructress, who is ever teaching me how to live for God. My spirit brightens up in Your gentleness and Your humility, O Mary. (Diary 620)