The Prayer
in the Hour of Divine Mercy

Every day in the Shrine of Divine Mercy at the Old Market Square we gather for prayer at 3 pm at the Hour of Divine Mercy in order to, according to Jesus' request transmitted through the intercession of St. Sister Faustina, accompany Him in the hour of His agony, worshipping and praising His incomprehensible mercy displayed to us particularly in His work of man's salvation. We gather also to beg for Divine mercy for ourselves and for the whole world. In this prayer we also entrust to God all the particular intentions recommended to us.

Spiritual emergency for married couples who are in crisis

We encourage married couples who experience various difficulties in their relationships to take advantage of Spiritual emergency for married couples in crisis. How does it work? Every day at the Hour of Mercy at 3 pm sisters pray for the consent, reconciliation and love between the spouses. The prayer is said confidentially so that none of the people present in the Shrine will know the personal data of the married couple.

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