We are preparing for the 90th anniversary
of the first revelation of Merciful Jesus
to St. Sister Faustina in Plock

We have entered to time of preceding a special anniversary. We want to make good use of it by preparing our souls to receive favors from the Source of God's Mercy. The purpose of the events planned at that time is to enable us to know more deeply the mystery of God's mercy, so that we would turn our hearts with trust to a God rich in mercy.


Taste of the Divine Mercy
March 22, 2020
April 22,2020
At. 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm

Word about the Divine Mercy

Testimony Sister Elżbieta, Maria Siepak, delivered during the Jun meeting in the cycle: Witnesses of Mercy.

Testimony of Fr. dr. Tadeusza Kozłowskiego, delivered during the May meeting in the cycle: Witnesses of Mercy.

Most miłosierdzia
Testimony Bernadette Lam from Hong Kong delivered during the April meeting in the cycle: Witnesses of Mercy.

This place was chosen by the Lord
Testimony of Fr. dr. Bogdan Czupryna, delivered during the first meeting of the cycle: Witnesses of Mercy.

This is where it all started!
Leszek Skierski talked to Rev. Mieczysław Ochtyra, the first Rector of the Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Plock.