Strong with the Mercy 

In the Jubilee Year of the revelations of Merciful Jesus to St. Faustina, in the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Płock, we will pray for married couples and families in crisis. It will take place during the Eucharist at 5.00 p.m., on the every 22nd of the month as part of the Mocni Miłosierdziem campaign. Pope Francis announced the Year of the Family, which will begin on March 19, on the Feast of St. Joseph. Only a family that is open to God's mercy and accepts it will be able to overcome all difficulties and share God's Mercy experience. Strong with the Mercy is a community of married couples and families that are imperfect, but trust in Him whose mercy is infinite. The merciful love of God makes, as Pope Francis said, in the family one can experience sincere communion when forgiveness outweighs discord, when the everyday roughness of life is softened by mutual tenderness and serene acceptance of God's will.

We invite you to pray together during the solemn Holy Mass. March 22 at 17.00, chaired by the shepherd of our diocese, Bishop Piotr Libera. During the Eucharist, representatives of the families of our diocese will make the Act of Entrusting the Families to God's Mercy.