The Association of the Apostles of Divine Mercy FAUSTINUM – spirituality for our time

In today's world, where so often lack of love, and the only measure of conduct is justice, people associated in the Association of the Apostles of Divine Mercy Faustinum proclaim the primacy of mercy through their lives, words and prayers, which gives meaning to every life situation. Faustinum brings together over 18 thousand members and volunteers (priests, consecrated persons and laity) from almost 100 countries of the world who want to live a spirituality of mercy following the example of St. Faustina. Trust in God, getting to know Him and discovering His mercy throughout the history of salvation, and above all in the history of life, is what makes us look at life and its problems from the perspective of a man "on the way" who constantly learns more and more love to God and other people. The Association carries out formation activities, caring for the spiritual development of its members through a basic, 4-year formation program, followed by continuous formation. More: